Saturday, June 26, 2010

the a-team

the lowdown: A remake on the 80s tv show A-team. four American soldiers who are in Iraq are sent on a mission to recover plates for printing 100 dollar bills that were used to print a billion dollars. After doing the job and returning to the base their commanding officer is killed in an explosion and the plates are stolen by another operative. They were sent to different prisons. 6 months later, the leader, Hannibal Smith is visited by a CIA spook who tells him he knows where the man who took the plates is and wants him and his men to recover it.

what's the buzz?: If you are looking for a light, funny and action packed movie, this is for you. It doesn't get much better than this. This film doesn't take itself too seriously, which is refreshing. The cast work well together and have a great team dynamic. Liam neeson brings the right combo of gruff and cool to Hannibal. Bradley Cooper is wise cracking and ever entertaining as Face, Sharlto Copley as crazy eyed Murdock, manages to steal each scene he is in. and Quinton Jackson, well his is B.A and that in itself is pretty fun!

what's the fuzz?: Well, it is trash. Trash of the most glorious, overblown, wonderfully-fun kind. Tongue planted firmly in cheek with the acknowledgment of not taking itself seriously. This is why you should leave your brain behind, or else you'll start wondering on how the law of physics works with all those ridiculous action.

roundup: Most of it's wonderfully-overblown, but in that great "Aw, that was cool" way, though the level of exaggeration which the climax reaches does start to stretch. All in all, my best advice is sit back, switch off, and enjoy the ride cos we really haven't had that for a while.

rating: laksamundo


  1. The movie is better than the original and the cast is great together.
    It's weird seeing Bradley Cooper in his role here.
    I'm glad the movie is hundred times better than the original.
    It's a must watch!

  2. haha, yea..bradley from alias to a-team..what a great leap indeed!