About Me

hey there,
i'm rae and its a pleasure to have you as a reader :)
i've been blogging for quite awhile and my blogs have gone through so many changes, from personal to my interest and so on. i have been neglecting my blog when i started working but soon realised i still love it and kinda like my stress outlet.

here, in night bites, i plan to rant and rave on my passion for entertainment. mostly focusing on tv shows and movies. kacang, keropok and kuaci are some snacks that i do enjoy from time to time and made it a tagline cos it rolls nicely..hehe.

since, it's only my thoughts, i think it's only fair i put my kind of rating rather than stars or 123.

i do believe that shows mirror culture and society and the way we live. even if we see them as escapism, sometimes we do learn some things too! expression of creativity or any form of art be it music or fashion in the shows just goes to show, how great all these elements work together.

so, what are you waiting for?
come and join me on this magical ride into my tv diaries :)