Sunday, October 3, 2010

new posters for the final harry potter movie

check out the poster for part one of harry potter and the deathly hallows!

all the posters have dark themes, reflecting the mood perfectly for the final movie.
what a rush!! now, i really cannot wait for the movie. bring on the magic!

take a peek into the latest trailer :)


  1. Can't wait to catch the movie.
    Though, have to say won't be that pleased to be seeing the coupling of Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron.

    I do hope by the time part 2 rolls in, we'll still remember what happened in part 1.
    Makes me wonder where will they cut off in part 1.

  2. i know! i dont think i can wait that long to see part 2. though i do realise, once they show part 2, the movies are officially over.