Saturday, October 2, 2010

renesmee cullen: mackenzie foy?

Renesmee Cullen, the lovechild of Edward and Bella in Twilight.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that nine year old Mackenzie Foy is close to signing on the role to play human/ vampire Renesmee Cullen in the final installment of Twilight saga. She has appeared in an episode of 'Til Death and Flash Forward.

If this child actress is chosen, she will be playing a pivotal role in the film. A character that ages 17 years in just seven. Sources are saying that there will similar digital effects like the ones used in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Maggie Grace, best known for playing Shannon Rutherford on the tv series Lost has joined the cast of Twilight. She will apparently play "vegetarian vampire" Irina who becomes an ally of the Cullen family in the final book.

Filming of the two-part final is due to start in November, with the first film scheduled to hit theatres at the end of 2011.


  1. Mackenzie is really pretty!!
    Love that the actress does have a similar look to Bella.

    Also, love the fact that Maggie is joining the cast.
    It's been awhile since we've seen her though I do enjoyed seeing her in the finale of LOST.

  2. This is a very good news~!! TWILIGHT~!!! The child is so cute~!!! ^^

  3. yes, i do agree this child is a cutie pie. she does bear resemblance to bella :)