Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pretty little liars return scoops galore PART 2

Hi guys!!
Back for Part 2 of Pretty Little Liars scoops galore?

Without further ado, check it out :)

In the first episode of 2011, two main characters will come clean about their most private secret.

Aria will open up (on a pair of occasions) about her relationship with Ezra.
And Emily will tell someone about her sexuality.
Also, Lucas will make a brave and bold move that may or may not involve a confession of his own. What do you think that means? He likes Hanna? He has something to do with trashing Alison's memorial? What?

Also, ABC Family has released a spoiler promo pic from episode 11 titled "Moments Later," which picks up right after Hannah got run over by a car to close out the summer season.

Is she alive? Well, this picture definitely answers that question...
I sure cannot wait to find out.

Here's two promo videos into episode 11 Moments Later, enjoy!

Are you excited for the remaining episodes of Pretty Little Liars?


  1. I can't to see what Pretty Little Liars has in store for us.
    I'm wondering why both Aria & Emily lets the cat out of the bag.
    I'm thinking that for Lucas, it can be for both that is he likes Hanna and he may or may not have something to do with the destruction of Allison's memorial.
    Another thing that I hope is the Byron & Ashley don't end up together.
    I want Byron to be with Ella.

  2. yes, ella please!! emily lets out her secret prolly cos her mum has that pic of kissing another girl. aria is tough one, unless hanna remembers and so aria tells her. what do you think?

  3. argh.....i can't remember all the characters!!! gonna catch up with season 1 marathon once my assignments are done to get ready for this!!!
    btw, i think if allison isn't dead...den she's A la...but t wud make the story straight fwrd..haha...
    if allison is dead...den hanna is just dreamin...
    argh....can't wait to noe wat happen!!
    oh...dun tell me even if i beg u to ok...i wanna watch....haha~~~

  4. Maybe that could be it.
    Can't wait for the show to start and also to see what new fashion the girls will be sporting.
    I love each of their individualistic style.

  5. joann: yes, must marathon the 10 episodes before i continue with the new ones. hehe, i can help you remember the girl's names.

    sara: can't wait to see what they wear!! there's gonna be alot of pausing and snapshots taken when i see the new episodes :)