Sunday, November 21, 2010


the lowdown: RED stands for Retired, Extremely, Dangerous. The movie follows a retired CIA operative who is hunted by his own people. He reunites with his old team for one last mission.

what's the buzz?: The action scenes are fantastic. But it’s the actors and their characters that makes this film worth watching. The casting in this film was perfect. Especially the supporting cast. Helen Mirren firing a Rambo sized gun is amazing! Malkovich is funny as an oddball ex-agent and Karl Urban as a solid CIA operative.

what's the fuzz?: It's certainly not an original story with a mash up of  ideas, something we've seen before in the Bourne series. Morgan Freeman is unfortunately the weakest part of this alternative A-Team, not because of his performance but because he is under-utilized. He has little action time and even less characterization.

roundup: This movie isn't rocket science, but a great date movie, a good time, and most important, the movie is worth the investment in a ticket.

rating: sambalicious


  1. I like this movie a lot.
    The cast was great.
    It's nice seeing the older actors helm an action movie once in awhile.
    I've always love seeing Bruce Willis fighting his way through the bad guys.

  2. hehe, yes it was nice to see the old timers still have the spark in them :D