Saturday, August 28, 2010

a case of senioritis

It's senior year on Season 3 of 90210.

season 3 sneak peek

season 3 preview promo

Here's some scoop on Season 3:
An earthquake will take place on the premiere episode.
The Kardashian sisters will be guest starring as well as Adrien Grenier.
It turns out Teddy Montgomery will be the rumoured gay character.
Annie and Liam will share a kiss. There will be a love triangle with Charlie, Liam's half brother.

There's also other questions to be answered.
Naomi: Was she raped? if yes, how will she react?
Annie: Has she been punished for her hit and run incident?
Dixon: Is Ivy with him? What are their status?
Adrianna: What bout her and Navid?


  1. Adrien is hot!!! hot eyes!!! hot hair!!! damn...I sound like Paris!

  2. Like that Annie and Liam will try to be a couple.
    I prefer them than Naomi and Liam.

    Poor Naomi. I hope the girls will be there for her.
    I've always love Navid and Adrianna.

  3. haha, joann..he is hot!! dont care la like paris or not..we jadi fangirls together nak?

    sara, me too. i like liam with annie especially when naomi wasnt there for him when he was going thru a tough time. but naomi s1 was rather nice with liam.. tough decision.