Monday, August 30, 2010

glitter and sparkles

Robin Sparkles is back again!
We will see the third chapter in this popstar's trilogy with the help of Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger. She will play Jessica Glitter, Robin’s former BFF during her pop star glory days, and co-star of the Canadian talk show that also featured Alan Thicke. The episode will be titled "Glitter" and it will be a prequel to both ‘Let’s Go to the Mall‘ and ‘Sandcastles in the Sand.’

Meanwhile, let's see Robin Sparkles in action. The first song, Let's go to the Mall and Sandcastles in the Sand.

Also, in the sixth season of HIMYM, there will be a wedding.
However, we do not know who will be getting married.
Though, we do know that Rachel Bilson will be back playing Cindy, a college roommate of Ted's wife, Mrs Mosby, the mother in the story.
Maybe, Ted will finally meet her here? Or is it Ted's wedding?


  1. Great to see Nicole Scherzinger in HIMYM together with Rachel Bilson. I adore her.

    I do hope we'll see glimpses of Ted's future wife soon. Now, I'm wondering who's wedding is it?

    Also, can't wait to see the new adventures Barney and the rest of the gang will partake in.

  2. maybe it's ted's wedding? so let's say it starts at his weeding where we see the mother and then we backtrack to the events that led to there..