Sunday, August 29, 2010

parisian fun gossip style

Gossip Girl is in Paris.

Spoiler scoop ahead!!

Blair: She will have a new rival this season.Someone she has known before. Blair will try to establish herself when she transfers to Columbia University, but she find obstacles in her way. She makes a bid to be Queen Bee and encounters one of her minion from Constance.

Chuck: Chuck is alive but has a cane. Lily is ready to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny. But not Rufus. He will find it difficult to move past it. He will also find out from Eric on a Season 1 incident involving Jenny and Chuck. He also has Clemence Poesy playing Eva, someone he got to know in Paris. That will surely throw a wrench in Chair's relationship.

Nate: He will have a love interest from Columbia, Juliet played by Katie Cassidy.

Serena: She might be playing the field with an older man, played by Sam Page. He's an older guy with responsibilities and may not have the patience for Serena's antics.

Dan: He has a lot of things to focus with a baby on board. No Serena in sight. As for Vanessa, well, she might be moving in with him. What about Georgina?

That's all I have for now. I've got some delicious treat for you. It's a gag reel from last season.
Ed Westwick's accent is to die for :D
They do seem happy on set, unlike all the rumours about on-set fighting.


  1. Love to see how the new girls adjust with the gang.

    I'm liking Katie and Nate.
    I do want Chair to be apart before they get back together, so to ensure they are IT for one another.

    I want Derena back together!!!
    I want Vanessa to be with another guy though I did actually like her with Nate.

    Ooh.... I love Eric!
    The gag reel was awesome!!

  2. you like vanessa with nate?!!!!
    i think nate could go with anyone, he seems to have good chemistry.i know im contradicting myself, but i dont really like vanessa that much.

  3. I don't like Vanessa at all but I since I don't want her to mess with Derena, I'll take her with Nate.
    Nate does seem great with anyone while Vanessa just makes you want to throttle her. She and Jenny should just leave and never come back.

  4. i think jenny was ok till she went down the wrong road. miss the s1 jenny. it's sad that vannes does not seem to gel right with the others.