Wednesday, August 18, 2010

vive le chuck

Ahh.. Paris, the city of love, lights and things fashion :D
Gossip Girl left us last season to be in Paris. Here's a rundown of events leading up to our Season 4 premier.
  • Blair broke up with Chuck.
  • Serena and Nate took a break.
  • Georgina is pregnant with Dan's kid.
  • Chuck slept with Jenny.
  • Jenny left Upper East Side.
  • Chuck got robbed and was shot.
Here's a sneak peek into Season 4 of Gossip Girl, enjoy!


  1. Can't wait to watch Gossip Girl.
    Have to say does Serena and Nate need new love interest in every season especially considering they each had 3 and 2 relationships respectively?
    They both proclaimed the words 'I Love You' to all of their relationships in season 3 that whenever those words are uttered by them, the words feel cheapened.

    I'm a Derena fan. For me, Serena was much more likeable and mature when she was with Dan.
    Though, I do have to say she and Nate do look great together too.

    I'm loving the fact that Jenny will not be seen that much in the first half of the season and I love the fact that the spotlight will shine on Eric instead.

    Looking at pics of the new love interest for Chuck and Nate, the girls do have chemistry with both boys especially Katie who'll be with Nate.
    I like Katie and she was a better Ruby than Gen ever was.

    Also, I don't believe it's Dan's kid.
    Ps: Can Jenny and Vanessa be gone for good? ;)

  2. the words i love you. they (nate and serena) do say them a lot, don't they? not like chuck and blair. chuck took so long to say. but he meant every word he said. that's what i like about them.. dan sometimes gets on my nerves..abit of a playboy too in season 3. both he and nate seem to be going down the same route. and now with the baby, wanna see how that goes.