Wednesday, August 18, 2010

gleeks, listen up!

I have some Glee scoop to tie us over until the premier on Sept 21st.
  1. Tina will fall out of love with Artie and start falling in love with Mike Chang. I know, poor Artie!
  2. Also, John Stamos who plays Uncle Jesse in Full House will be a love interest for Emma, who is a dentist. Their love for all things clean are a match made indeed!
  3. There will be a Britney Spears episode titled Britney/ Brittany. This episode will focus on the cheerleader character Brittany. I'm guessing this is where she makes her voice debut :) The episode will consist of six songs and Mr Schuester will refuse to do Britney songs, mirroring the real life objection of Matthew Morrison.
  4. The writers are toying around with the idea of Brittany and Santana as a couple. I think if this happens, we knew it was coming.. there were few hints in the last season.
  5. We will get glimpses of the New Directions lives outside of school. More on their home front. Ryan Murphy has pointed out that it will be interesting to meet Rachel's two gay dads, Artie's mother and maybe Brittany's really smart older sister.
  6. Season 2 will focus more on the characters, there will be less musical numbers. Average numbers would be about five as opposed to last season's eight.


  1. Poor Artie, though when we saw them dancing together in "Dream a Little Dream of Me", we could already see there was something there.
    Am glad Harry Shum is getting more screen time. Now, if only Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton)can get more screen time too.

    I'm one of those people who don't get Wemma. I don't find them adorable at all. Instead, I see their relationship in a bad light as Emma did pursue Will even when she knew he was married.

    I get that Terri lied to him but when you see it in her view, she could already see him falling for Emma and she thought that was the only way he would stay with her.
    I don't condone her actions but I do know that she does genuinely loves Will.

    Yet, everyone praises Will and Emma when they both were at fault since they continued their so-called 'innocent flirting' when we all could see it was more than that.
    It will be great if Terri and Bryan get together.

    Carl (John Stamos) and Emma are indeed a match made in heaven what with their love for all things clean.

    I like Brittany and Santana. Whether they are a couple or friends, either way it's fun to watch.

    The one gripe I have for season 2 is that Finnchel will be a couple til the end. Gah, I just don't see them that way. He is such a sissy character and she's too bossy for him.

    I want Puckleberry or St. Berry. These two have hot chemistry and they get each other on some level unlike Finnchel. I mean Finn couldn't even named one trait that Rachel has other than singing and she's hot.

    Anyway, can't wait to see the new season. Hope to also see some more of Quinn and Mercedes's friendship.

    Ps: So sorry for my ranting. The topic of Wemma and Finnchel always riles me up. Btw, I've always preferred Quinn with Finn though Puck is also okay for her too.

  2. no worries on the rantings. i agree with some of the assessment made. i like rachel with puck or jesse. but since ryan murphy has said that its finn all the way, so i guess that boat has sailed. as for artie, let's see how harry shum's chemistry with jenna.i wanna see john stamos and emma together so that maybe mr shuester can learn to be on own for awhile. he's been jumping from one women to the next, so let him simmer for at least half a season. terri and bryan? that's will be cool to see :)