Saturday, August 28, 2010

wisteria's new sheriff

Vanessa Williams, from Ugly Betty has moved onto another gig, Desperate Housewives.
This new promo poster suggests that there's a new sheriff in Wisteria Lane.
She's Renee Perry, the newest neighbour on the lane.
Reggie Austin will play Vanessa's husband, Doug, on the show.
It has already been confirmed that Renee will battle with Bree for the affections of a handyman portrayed by Brian Austin Green.
So it seems Renee and Doug will not be having the happiest marriage on tv.


  1. I hope Vanessa won't be like Wilhelmina.
    Nice to see Reggie in DH. He'll still be in LUX, rite?
    Ooh...Renee and Bree fighting over Brian.
    Can't wait to see how are the ladies in the new season.

  2. hmm, not sure...she sure looks like she will be wilhemina here. yea, i think reggie will still be in lux.