Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a-MAZE-ing LOST!

Hi guys,
You might have noticed in my previous posts that there will some guest bloggers coming up. Well, I would like to welcome our first guest, The Girl behind the Red Door. I like to think that a diverse range of opinions on a certain show and different tv passion helps bring a more dynamic website.So, happy reading!
Hey everyone, I’m The Girl behind the Red Door. If you’re fans of a certain show, I’m sure you know what this line means.

The season finale of LOST was shown a few months back and since I’ve watched it, I’ve wanted to write about it for quite some time. Truthfully, LOST has been getting better and better since the dismal ratings the show received in season two. Season six was amazing in every sense of the word. Instead of watching it week by week, I did a marathon watching the entire season and boy, was it fun. Doing it this way, made the story hundred times more exciting and better. Each episode left me gasping for something new.

There were quite a few pivotal moments in the last season and one of it is the scene where Sun was trapped in the submarine and Jin forego his life to be with his wife. The scene when the water finally filled the sub and Sun and Jin let go of their clasping hands was heart wrenching yet sweet. It just shows how much love this couple had for each other. The saddest part is they died just a few hours after reuniting once again.

Another scene that got to me is when Jack sacrificed himself for the betterment of his friends. The scene when Kate realizes what Jack is going to do and pleaded for him to come back safely knowing there was no way he could get out of there alive tugged at my heartstrings. The kiss they shared was epic and finally showed how much Kate has always loved Jack. The end at the island when Jack closed his eyes surrounded by Vincent, the dog and the bamboo plants is a symmetry to the pilot in which we see a close-up of Jack’s eye before seeing him surrounded by the bamboo plants. I had tears in my eyes when Jack closed his eyes after seeing the Ajira Airways flying overhead knowing his friends had left the island safely as he was left to die alone.

The best part about this season is the flash sideways. I love the parallel world in which the plane made it safely to LAX and that no matter what; all the characters were connected to one another. The realisation when each characters realizes the memories they shared with their loved ones was momentous and it was fitting that Jack was the last one to remember since he was always their leader. I loved it when all the characters in the flash forward met again in the church and the hugs that went around when everyone finally met up once again. I like it that they all left the place in between before embarking on their next destination i.e. heaven. Another fact that had me smiling was we got to see Boone (Ian Somerhalder) once again.

With LOST gone, I hope to find new shows to leave the void LOST left behind. It was one of the most thought-provoking shows ever and it made us questioned everything. To LOST, thanks for the wonderful memories and long live Jate!!!


  1. Nice nickname.
    Yay, Brucas!!!
    LOST was amazing.
    I love JATE too!!
    Hope to read more of your reviews.

  2. haha, i think you two will get along great, especially bonding over that show.. good job to our great guest blogger!!