Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the search for mom

I cannot wait for season 4 of Chuck.

Last season, we knew that Chuck had his first kill, Shaw.
Awesome could not handle the spy life.
Ellie and Morgan found out about Chuck's secret.
The Buy More store was destroyed.
Stephen Bartowski, Chuck's dad died in the hands of Shaw.
And, Chuck found a box labeled "Mary Elizabeth Bartowski: Missing".

Well, let's delve into some super secret scoops...
Batista, Eric Roberts and Joel David Moore are set to play Casey's former buddies from the Clinton era.
Linda Hamilton, from the Terminator movies will appear next season as Chuck's mum. At the heart of season four will be Chuck's quest to find his mom.
Awesome and Ellie will be having a baby. He will be more into the pregnancy ritual than Ellie is. Awesome is gonna give it all with his usual awesome-ness.
Chuck and Sarah are together and we will see them as a couple and their internal angst and how their relationship will progress with their spy lives.

And hot off the press, it looks like Buy More is up and running from this screenshot. Olivia Munn has comes on board playing the role of CIA operative Greta, a role that will actually change throughout the season and later be played by Stacy Keibler and Isaiah Mustafa.

Is this Awesome or what?


  1. honey, the way you said it made me wanna watch it but I stopped watching this series cause of 1)I hated Chuck being so spy-wannabe; and 2) I couldn't find anywhere to download it from... T.T

  2. i didn't know my power of persuasion is good :D

  3. I LOVE Chuck but I prefer the first two seasons as I liked it when Chuck was a computer geek who can't fight.
    With his new upgrade, it's not as endearing as it used to be.

    However, I do still love the series especially since my man, Awesome is there.

    It's great that everyone knows Chuck is a spy.
    Can't wait to see more Awesomeness and also Morgan and Casey.

  4. hehe, i love when we have difference in opinions, see how great the comments come along. well, i like chuck as a computer geek and a superspy. i like that there is growth in character wise. so yea, im pretty happy with the series so far!