Thursday, September 16, 2010

the alternate universe

I cannot wait for Season 3..the other side and our world is closer and beginning to unravel so much!

The downside of season 3: I won't be able to see Joshua Jackson who plays Peter as much. Due to the two universes, this season will rotate between both; which means Peter and the world we live in will be aired in every other week.

Either way, I wanna see how Olivia gets out of the alternate universe. Well, you're in luck..I've got a sneak peek :D


p.s - Btw, The Girl Behind The Red Door will be going under a new screen name, Purple Muse. Thank you for the suggestions of adding another author. She would definitely think about it but she currently likes the arrangement of a one-off author as she has other commitments.


  1. I hate that we'll only be seeing Peter every other week.
    The reason I even watched this was because of Joshua Jackson.
    I can't wait to see how Alt-Olivia will try to seduce Peter.

    Although, I'm not a fan of Olivia & Peter hooking up, I do have to say that I love that it's actually gonna be Alt-Olivia.
    She looks great as a redhead compared to Olivia.

    At least, we'll get to see Alt-Charlie.
    Ps: I like the name Purple Muse. It's cute.

  2. hmm, alt-olivia to seduce peter? i think that is her plan..true, i wanna see more of joshua jackson, my pacey :p