Friday, September 17, 2010

i think we have found the mother!

It's a done deal.

Jennifer Morrison, former House star is joining the cast of How I Met Your Mother to play Ted's new love interest.

She will play Zooey, an activist who is trying to save the Arcadian, an old New York hotel.
The hotel will be torn down for the Goliath National Bank, which is design by Ted. This is how the two crazy kids will meet.
Maybe, just maybe, we can finally put a face on the "Mother" of How I Met Your Mother.
Or do we have to wait for another?


  1. I'm happy that we get to see Jennifer again.
    I love her as Cameron and I hate it that the producers made her divorce Chase.
    I love that coupling.

  2. hmmm, i still wonder if she will be ted's wife...too bad cameron and chase not together.