Sunday, September 12, 2010

the return of katherine

What a great episode this week!

 *Don't worry, there are no major spoilers to my review of the season 2 premiere*

We jumped right in on the action from last season's cliffhangers. Katherine is back in Mystic Falls and she's playing her twisted and manipulative game once again.

The premiere episode shows great promise for what's to come for the rest of the season and I, for one, am excited =D

Nina Dobrev is great at donning two characters. As Katherine, she has fun terrorizing people and we can see where Damon gets his cynical humor from. From her outfit, makeup and facial expressions, Nina sure looks like she's having fun in bringing out her mean steak. This episode shows us that both Elena and Katherine is in love the same brother.

Once again, Ian Somerhalder's work every episode is impressive. He brought pain and emotional vulnerability to his character. I think he totally sold it. Katherine's actions helped push him over the edge which has lead Damon to commit something that a certain someone might never forgive.

Paul Wesley shows us some great moments in Stefan. He's becoming stronger and a little meaner. Both guys are interesting to watch as they go from one extreme, of killing each other to working together. It certainly brings for some fantastic scenes on the brother's relationships.

I'm looking forward to see Uncle Mason and Tyler bringing in the werewolf legend on Mystic Falls. Also, the consequences that will follow for Jeremy and Caroline. The Vampire Diaries has definitely stepped up to the game and I say, bring it on!


  1. The premiere was amazing.
    All the actors have done their characters proud.
    Paul is owning Stefan and I can't help but praise Nina for her awesome work as both Elena, the sweet girl and Katherine, the seductive woman.
    Damon was wonderful like always and my heart just broke for him.
    I hate Katherine. Because of what she said, he ruined his relationship with Elena.
    Gah, Damon, I feel for you.
    I can't wait to see where the show takes us.

    Ps: After watching the scenes between Bonnie and Damon, I get why people like them. They do have something there and if I'm not mistaken, in the book he does have a relationship with Bonnie.

  2. bonnie and damon, seriously? which scene?