Tuesday, September 14, 2010

family man dean

A preview into the life of Dean Winchester as a father.
And the realisation of Sam coming back into his life.

Take a sneak peek!


  1. Babe, I can't wait for Supernatural to be back.
    I've been missing Dean & to an extent Sam.
    Luckily, fan fictions are able to fill the void when the show is on a break.

    Although I don't really like the fact that Dean has settled with Lisa, it is nice Dean having a normal life for once.

    After everything he has sacrificed growing up, it's about time Dean gets to put himself first.

    Can't wait to see my hot guy on screen once again.

  2. hehe, yes...cant wait to see jensen ackles!! it's like reel life and real life he's off-limits. but one can still dream right?