Wednesday, September 15, 2010

an unexpected stand-off

In the finale of Season 2, Castle left for the Hamptons to complete his novel. When the show returns on September 20, imagine Beckett's face when she meets him standing over a dead body, holding a gun.. interesting indeed, no?

A starter kit before we jump into the new season.

 On another note, some scoops on the new season:
  • An extended family member in Castle will die.
  • There will be a manipulative villain who kills in three, known as "3xK" who will be introduced this season. The killer will have an Hannibal Lecter appeal.
  • Alexis, Castle's daughter will have a boyfriend played by Ken Baumann. He will be a recurring character who may cause some stress for Castle.
  • Speaking of love interest, Beckett will get Victor Webster to play hers! He will be Josh Davidson, who rides a motorcycle and someone who brings a different side to Beckett.
Enjoy the promo :)


  1. Can't wait to see what happens.
    I'm sure it's a misunderstanding of some sort.
    It's looks like it's gonna be a great season.
    I like that Stana's hair is longer. She looks beautiful.

  2. haha..yes do you know that they are trying to tap in jennifer love hewitt?! i hope she gets to be in castle :)