Thursday, September 2, 2010

final destination to nikita

Hey guys, remember Devon Sawa?
The guy in Final Destination?
Well, good news ahead :)

He will be in Nikita.
Playing the character Owen, Nikita's new nemesis.
Owen is described as a highly trained agent of Division, an equal to Nikita in skill.
Devon is set to appear in episode 5 of Nikita.
A male Nikita, if you will.


  1. He's Devon Sawa??? I had seen him before, i had thought he look very handsome but somehow, he doesn't seem to be handsome at all in these pics... *confused*

  2. It'll be nice to see Devon again.
    Looks like Nikita is going to be so much fun especially since there will be more eye-candy.

    Means there would be two guys after Nikita.
    Ooh... I can't wait to see the action!

  3. yes, he is devon sawa. haha, i remember him being cute too but the pictures that i got were only so few..