Monday, September 20, 2010

pretty little fashionistas

My guilty pleasure over the past few months :)
Four girls with different personalities makes for some unique fashion sense!

We have Aria (bohemian), Hanna (glamorous) , Spencer (preppy) and Emily (sporty).

A breakdown in each character's fashion style:
  • Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale has kinda of a cultured sophistication towards fashion. Maybe it's the year away from her hometown and that old soul inside her, she brings out quirky and vintage pieces to perfection.
  • Hanna Marin played by Ashley Benson rocks her fashion style in girly and glamorous pieces. This reflects in her trendy outfits befitting a Queen Bee status. Her fashion sense has changed the most out of the girls as a results from her Hefty Hanna transformation. Financial struggles in her family has made Hanna seek out cheaper pieces but still maintaining the illusion of perfection.
  • Troian Bellisario plays Spencer Hasting, a girl from one of Rosewood's prominent families. She is the brainy overachiever of the bunch. Her fashion sense is preppy with a vintage inspiration. Spencer mixes up her outfits through masculine pieces with a feminine touch to it.
  • Emily Fields is played by Shay Mitchell. Her look is simple, fresh and sporty which reflects her active lifestyle. There is a lot of layering of bright colours to keep Emily's tomboy look more lively and feminine.
    Let's take a look at their casual styles.

    a little formal..

    and something for school


    1. Thanks for writing this!!
      I love their fashion sense.
      I like Hanna & Aria's style the most.
      Each of them look great in their own style & ensemble.

    2. wish i cud pull an aria...definitely love hanna's...not tt into spencer but it suits totally suits her....which leaves emily which i think i'm like her??? haha....

    3. Thanks Sara :)

      Joann, I think I'm little of Hanna and Emily. I agree on Aria's style, it is definitely something I would like to try. I love Spencer's fashion sense, you would never think she would pair some pieces together, but it suits her nicely.