Monday, September 6, 2010

Hawaii Five-0

Hawai Five-0: It is a re-imagining of the original 1968 tv series, but the title is a zero instead of the capital letter O. So, let's get to the plot shall we? Steve McGarrett (Alex McLoughlin) is summoned home to Honolulu to bury his father after he is murdered by a madman, The governor wants Steve to head up a new elite police unit with full authority to get the job done. Initially he turns down the job, but when he meets the man in charge of the unit, he changes his mind. Daniel Dae Kim from Lost stars in this series.

Juice Factor: This is one is for the boys. But girls, I imagine we'll be there scoping the scenery..a bit of cuci mata ^^... There's action, humour and eye candy, like an A-Team!

Let's watch the trailer and see where it'll take us:


  1. by its name, it shud mean they are spending time on the beach we shud be able to see some serious abs from alex rite? ;) hehehehehe.....

  2. I agree that we should give it a chance.
    Btw, the girl in the pic if I'm not mistaken is Daniel's cousin.
    Nice to see Daniel back again.
    He spent 6 years filming in Hawaii and now he's next show is based there too.
    Hope the show makes it big.

  3. haha, spot-on joann! lots of eye candy and ab-gazing! teehee =)

    sara, maybe she is daniel's cousin. need to google it. yup, pretty lucky for danny to stay in hawaii!